Data Protection & Privacy


LogicQ biedt Consultancy en Managed Services voor Privacy en data protectie. Bij deze dienst hebben we ook een eigen GDPR / AVG registratie applicatie die wij met u inzetten om de nodige registratie te vereenvoudigen.  

Samen komen we tot een beter advies en  LogicQ vraagt haar consultants ook betrokken te blijven in de realisatie fase. 

Structured according to privacy excellence
A managed service with a practical step-by-step plan
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Do you have a problem?

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. The AVG, also known internationally as GDPR, strengthens and extends privacy rights, more obligations for your organization.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) is given greater authority and can impose a fine of 4% of the turnover on companies up to a maximum of 20 million euros.

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Our approach

In recent years, the LogicQ Privacy Experts have trained themselves in the new legislation on data use and privacy. This has a major impact on all companies and organizations.

We help drafting "paper", such as drafting privacy policies, privacy notices, processing agreements, assessments, etc. - but also look at processes, business applications, data storage and processing.

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Managed services

We often start with QuickScan, we often find that nothing has been written down yet, but that privacy has already been thought of. First, a policy will have to be drawn up in writing.

LogicQ offers various Managed Services within its organization and has a Service Desk for its clients, which is set up for its various Expert Solutions. This SPOC (Single Point of Contact) also for specific consultancy and audit services.

Our GDPR / AVG Expertise is a hot topic, where a number of our consultants have defined various privacy services. LogicQ has experience in the field of GDPR / AVG Privacy and an increasing number of certified consultants. They combine this knowledge with a broad background and experience in numerous organizations large and small.

The law applies to all organizations that store and process personal data. Even if you outsource personnel administration, for example, you remain fully responsible. But your website, e-commerce and organization must also be GDPR ready. Our managed service also includes our Privacy expertise and provides you with support from a Digital Privacy Officer.

Privacy Maturity Workshop

Starter pack

300 .00

per session with 3 people (invoiced in advance)
  • Standard session of approximately 2 hours with MT
  • Review of privacy policy
  • Overview of Laws and Regulations
  • Heatmap with the most urgent points

Privacy Awareness Training

Enterprise pack

600 .00

per consultant / session (billed once)
  • Session of approximately 3 hours with stakeholders
  • Privacy awareness among employees
  • Overview of Laws and Regulations
  • In-house or externally for additional costs

Managed Service Privacy

Ultimate package

900 .00

team / month (billed monthly)
  • Privacy Quick scan with Stakeholders
  • Drafting of privacy policy and privacy notices
  • The paperwork, among others. processing agreements
  • Monthly consultation with Data Protection Officer

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