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We would like to meet the legal requirements that the legislator sets for modern entrepreneurship. On this page we want to give an overview of this. 

Terms and Conditions
On the products and services of all LogicQ service units, all part of LauerLogic B.V. the general terms and conditions of ICT ~ Office apply.

These conditions consist of one general basic module and sixteen separate specific modules. The 'General' module contains legal issues that are important for every transaction, such as payment agreements and protection against liability. One or more special products or services have been worked out in the specific modules.

The ICT ~ Office Conditions are set up in such a way that they can be used for many different products and services in the field of IT and office technology. The ICT ~ Office Terms and Conditions also take into account recent technological developments. The general conditions also correspond to the latest state of affairs in legislation and case law in the field of IT.

The general terms and conditions contribute to the success of IT projects, among other things through a clear, fair and competitive distribution of responsibilities and risks between the supplier and the customer.

Module General of the  ICT~Office Conditions
Module 01 - License for software
Module 02 - Software development
Module 03 - Software maintenance
Module 04 - ASP, SaaS and computer service
Module 05 - Maintenance and development of a website
Module 06 - Webhosting
Module 07 - secondment services
Module 08 - Education and training

Module 09 - Advice, consultancy and PM
Module 10 - Other services
Module 11 - Sales of IT and telecommunications and office equipment, etc.
Module 12 - Rental of IT and telecommunications and office equipment, etc.
Module 13 -Maintenance of IT and telecommunications and office equipment, etc.
Module 14 - Access to internet
Module 15 - Telecommunication services
Module 16 - Financing and leasing of IT

Privacy statement
From 25 May 2018 the new European privacy law will be in force. LogicQ continues to handle the processing of personal data with care and to inform you in a clear and transparent manner. We have brought our privacy statement into line with the new rules.

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Technical information and cookies
Our website can be visited without your personal data being passed on to us. The website does, however, automatically collect certain non-identifiable information about the users of the website. LogicQ also uses cookies and web statistics.

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